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Let’s Talk Canapés

A canapé is a type of appetizer served before a meal, a small bite size portion usually decoratively presented. Commonly served before dinner accompanied by a cocktail. Typically known in America as Passed Hors d’Oeuvres.
The traditional technical composition of a canapé consists of a base, a main item and a garnish. For example Golden fried potato bread (base) topped with whipped goats cheese (main item) , pickled heritage beetroot and pearls (garnish).


However modern canapés take many forms but the purpose remains the same, to have a tasty bite size hand held nibble which can be easily eaten without the fear of crumbs or spillages while holding a drink. Posh Nosh recommend a glass of champagne or a refreshing glass of elderflower cordial.
Although canapés are not essential they make a welcome addition to any function or wedding. Canapés are usually the first thing that your guests will eat since leaving home. This is all the more reason to whet your guests’ appetite and leave them eagerly anticipating the main banquet to follow.

Fried Potato Bread with Creamed Leeks and Crispy Bacon

A drinks reception usually lasts two hours. In this time we would recommend choosing 3 to 5 canapés per guest. During pre-event planning this may seem like a long time however taking into account that this will be the first opportunity you have to mingle with all your guests. This part of the day will pass in the blink of an eye.
At Posh Nosh we have a selection of almost 30 canapés to choose from in our current brochure. We can also work with you to incorporate your ideas for bespoke canapés at your party.

Posh Nosh Ireland | Quirky Wedding Show

We recently exhibited at the Quirky Wedding Show, and what a blast we had!

Our experienced and professional team who attended include both our Coordinators Shona and Jade, and our Front of House Managers, Philip and Sean.


Posh Nosh have exhibited at the Quirky Wedding Show twice a year for the past five years, and have been an active member of the “Quirky” family since then.

The show takes place in the Waterfront Hall and features lots of amazing suppliers, to include photographers, videographers, venues, make-up artists, hairdressers, florists, photo booths… to name but a few!

The show is a great place to meet lots of lovely couples and answer their initial catering questions. From there, we provide them with a Wedding Brochure and take their enquiry to the next stage.

It’s also a great opportunity to catch up with all of the lovely suppliers who we run into on the wedding scene, and chat about what they have been up to!

Every year, we struggle with the question – how do we showcase our food? How do we capture our brand and our concept to prospective couples at a fair? There’s no real way to show just how delicious our food is without tasting it!

Thankfully, our team love a challenge and we always manage to pull a few ideas out of the bag! The past few years we have had photo displays and pantry ideas – which is your favourite?

Posh Nosh Ireland | Profiles – Shona

Meet Shona, our Wedding Coordinator.

Shona has been our Wedding Coordinator at Posh Nosh for four years, and works primarily in the office dealing with all of our wedding couples, putting together their proposals, operations sheets and developing their menu.

Shona has worked with over 400 couples throughout her career. She is very passionate and enthusiastic about each individual couples and their plans, and loves putting together proposals to reflect their style and requirements.

  1. Tell us a little bit about what you like to do outside of Posh Nosh?

I live in Bangor with my husband, Rafal, and our cat Nala. In my spare time, I am an active member of my local gym and I enjoy (attempting! ) cooking at home, and trying new recipes. For a large part of my life, I ate very bland, uninteresting food, so I am enjoying discovering more about food and trying new things both in work and at home!



What is your favourite Posh Nosh dish?

There are so many! Tolson’s homemade Gin & Tonic Sorbet has to be up there in the top faves, as well as our Smokey Pancetta and Leek Cream. My overall favourite has to be the Study of Butternut Squash starter – so yum, and it looks like art on a plate!

  1. What is your funniest Posh Nosh memory?

Well one thing that is quite amusing is that clients always think Jade and I are sisters – even when she is from Manchester and I am from here! I don’t know if this is quite a Posh Nosh memory, but one of the main things I always tell my clients is to make sure they eat plenty on their day and to ensure that they make time for it. On my own wedding day during the photos, I was so hungry I began to faint, much to the photographer’s shock! I just remember our Front of House Managers, Philip and Sean, running over with a big basket of Canapes and forcing me to sit down and eat Ulster Frys on a Stick whilst they scolded me!!




4.What is your favourite Posh Nosh memory?

I am going to have to copy Jade on this one and say definitely, the day we served the Queen in June 2014. I remember my hands absolutely shaking with nerves as I walked across the floor of City Hall to serve her starter! It was such an amazing, surreal day and one I will be sure to tell my grandchildren about!

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