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Sharing Style

When it comes to choosing your wedding catering there are other options other than a traditional formal style meal. Some of our couples are choosing to move away from traditional dinners and are opting for something more casual. Often this takes a form of a sharing style or family style service which offers a more relaxed style of dining, it is a perfect alternative to a formal wedding reception.

Sharing style menus are casually elegant. They allows guest to remain seated but are served in a more casual manner making this the perfect fit for almost any style of wedding.This style of service creates a warm atmosphere amongst guests as guests who have known each other for years, or only just met both engage in a comfortable flow of conversation over the passing of plates and enjoyment of the theatre created around the delightful style of food presented to each table.

Whether you chose to have one course sharing or several courses, sharing menus at Posh Nosh are truly delectable. Italian Antipasto Platters, Posh Ploughman inspired boards and a Luxury Local Seafood Platter are just some of the starter options. This followed by main course such as Roast Shoulder of County Down Lamb marinated overnight in Posh Nosh Harissa Rub with Harissa Roast Lamb Juices, Clandeboye Estate Yoghurt, Minted Comber Baby Boiled Potatoes and Tabbouleh is one example of such a menu.

Posh Nosh Top Tip : Family style dining requires ample space on your dinner table for various platters and dishes so centre pieces may need to be kept to a minimum if you choose this style of dining.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch to request a copy of our sharing style menu.

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